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It has been quite a while since I have posted over at IntricateDefense and although I was very busy, I decided that Blogger just wasn’t suitable for the type of content I want to share. After some searching and checking in on my buddy Jordan Wright, I decided on Octopress! For those of you who don’t know what Octopress is, you can check out (http://octopress.org/) – there is some fantastic documentation about the blogging framework.

What drew me over to Octopress:

1) It’s called “a blogging framework for hackers”… How could I pass that up?!

2) It’s clean interface that’s easier to read.

3) It provides a much better method for code snippets and images. I found this to be very important for a blog that contains walk-throughs with code/commands.

4) It is a simple push up to Github pages, which allows me some extra control over the blog.

Long story short: Expect to see new posts (blah blah blah) coming here soon! Thanks for reading.

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